What events are logged in the audit?

The following events will appear in the audit log, as they occur:

Log In/Out:

User logs in

User logs out

User is forced to log out (session timeout, account locked, etc)


New user is created

User is deleted

User's account is locked

User's account is unlocked

User's email address is changed

User's name is changed

User's permissions are changed

User is added to a group

User is removed from a group

User's role is changed


Group is created

Group name is changed


New record is created

Record is edited

Record is deleted

Record is permanently deleted

Record is restored

Record is transferred to another organization

Record Access Changes:

Access for a user is elevated

Access for a user is downgraded

Access for a group is elevated

Access for a group is downgraded


New organization is created

New person is created

Organization is edited

Person is edited

Organization is deleted

Organization is permanently deleted

Organization is restored

Person is deleted

Person is permanently deleted

Person is restored


Encryption method is changed

Some data is deleted at the account level

All data is deleted at the account level

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