How secure is Techferno?

Techferno uses an encryption-based security model that is used to protect online transactions the world over. But we take it much further.

More specifically, your sensitive data is only encrypted and decrypted on your local computer. The decryption process utilizes a unique “Master Key” that only you possess. This key is not just a password – in fact, it’s better than a password on steroids. We generate your Master Key using a combination of your password and a secret phrase of your choosing. This exponentially strengthens the key that you use to access your account and unlock your data.

After your data is encrypted on your computer, it is transmitted to and from our secure servers using an encrypted SSL connection. Outside of your computer, your sensitive data exists in a “beyond-bank-level” form of encryption that is useless if intercepted or accessed in the cloud.

That means that only you – and the people you allow -- can get to your sensitive data. Not even the expert developers at Techferno can access your unencrypted data.

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