Why do I need a secret phrase and a password to access Techferno?

By combining your password with your secret phrase, we’re able to generate a Master Key that has a much higher amount of entropy than if we simply used your password as the Master Key. 

Entropy is an important concept in cryptography, because it is the measure of how hard it is to guess your password, determined by how many guesses it would take, on average, to crack it. As such, you need to take measures to protect your secret phrase, just like you would your password (hence the term “secret phrase”). However, we strive to make this as user-friendly as possible while still offering world-class security. As such: (1) we offer a downloadable “Emergency Kit” that allows you to save or print your secret phrase for safe keeping; (2) your secret phrase is a case-insensitive phrase of your choosing; (2) unless you choose otherwise, your secret phrase can remembered on your personal computers/devices, so that you only need to remember your password upon login.

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